How To Set And Reach Your Goals

Is there something that you have always dreamed of accomplishing yet you find impossible to even start?  If you find that you have trouble creating a starting point to set your goals so they are attainable, then I would like to provide you with 3 simple tips and tricks that I have used and my clients have used as well.  As a Goal Activation Catalyst, I recommend setting one goal at a time for the best results.

Tip #1 – Baby Steps

Nothing is going to change over night so it is best to break your goal down into small baby steps.  If you are setting your goals in leaps rather than baby steps, you are bound to get discouraged and fail.

For instance, if you want to lose 10 pounds, instead of saying “My goal is to lose 10 pounds this month and I’m going to work out an hour everyday and eat salads for lunch and dinner” replace that with a realistic and much more acheivable ” My goal is to lose 1 pound this week.  Today, I am going to replace dinner with a salad and aim for 30 minutes of exercise.”

Instead of making a week long goal with no direction, break it down into daily baby steps.  This way you will feel more accomplished, have better odds of reaching that day’s goal and will begin to feel the motivation and inspiration that comes with acheivable steps.

Tip #2 –  Getting Past A Fall

Baby’s learning how to walk for the first time, always fall.  So what happens when you do the same?  As adults, when we really want to do something, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it right the first time.  If we make a mistake and fall, we tend to give up.  However, a baby, no matter how many times they fall, they get back up and try again.  They just don’t quit and if they did, then I think very few of us would be walking around today.

If you view your baby steps like the determination of a child learning to walk.  In essence, you are re-training yourself so if you trip or fall, try harder next time.  Since you are only working on very small steps, if you skip one, think of 3 others that you DID accomplish.  Instead of focusing on what you haven’t been able to do, focus on what you have been able to do.

Tip #3 – Holding You Accountable For You

Blaming others for our failures is an easy way out.  I hear all too often “Well, I had to do this and I had to do that” so therefore, they could not reach their goals because other things or people kept getting in the way.  I personally, write my goals on a calendar or in a place that is highly visible like a Doctor appointment.  You wouldn’t skip out on an appointment, so why skip out on your goal?  Each and every one of us is in charge of our destiny, so if you really really want something to happen, YOU are responsible for making it happen.  Someone has to be held accountable and that person is you.

If you follow these 3 simple steps, you will be well on your way to achieving all of your goals.  If you are interested in pursuing your goals even more, contact me to find out about my Goal Mastermind that is coming soon.  I hope to empower you to believe in yourself and help you start reaching your goals.


People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” Earl Nightingale

Dawn Chuma

Goal Activation Catalyst

Empowering you to be the best YOU, you can be!



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